Trend Micro Deep Security 11.0 Update 2 公開のお知らせ:サポート情報 : トレンドマイクロ


Trend Micro Deep Security 11.0 Update 2 リリースとのこと。

Deep Security 11.0 Update 2 のモジュールを公開いたします。
■ 公開開始日

2018 年 9 月 11 日 (火)

■ 対象モジュール

Deep Security Manager


■ 追加機能/修正内容

追加機能や修正内容は付属の Readme をご覧ください。

■ 入手方法

Deep Securityヘルプセンターからダウンロードできます。
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Update プログラムとは

サポート情報 : トレンドマイクロ

Deep Security Manager 11.0.249 for Linux-x64

2. What's New

2.1 Enhancements
   The following enhancements are included in this release:
   Enhancement 1: [DSSEG-2662]
                  In previous releases, the "Check for Security Updates"
                  scheduled task updated all hosts that met the criteria
                  and inserted a "hostComponentUpdate" record for each
                  host. The record was also added for offline hosts, and
                  then deleted after it expired, which is a waste of
                  resources for hosts that remain uncommunicative for a
                  long time. With this release, the scheduled task
                  ignores offline hosts that have been uncommunicative
                  for 30 days or more.
   Enhancement 2: [DSSEG-2646]
                  Deep Security Manager will now automatically select a
                  valid manager node for NSX communication.
   Enhancement 3: [DSSEG-2615]
                  This release includes enhancements to the Deep 
                  Security Manager diagnostics package: 
                    - The default file size limit has been increased 
                      from 200 MB to 2 GB. 
                    - When the verbose option is selected and the
                      diagnostic package generates separate XML files 
                      for specific tables, the same information is not
                      repeated in the debug.xml file.
   Enhancement 4: [DSSEG-2364]
                  Anti-Malware Scan Engine can be displayed and has the
                  option to enable or disable an Anti-Malware update.

   2.2 Resolved Known Issues
   This release resolves the following issues:
   Issue 1:      [DSSEG-2680]
                 The previous heartbeat default buffer size (2 KB) was
                 too small in some environments, and could cause the
                 Deep Security Agent to fail to communicate properly
                 with the Deep Security Manager.
   Solution 1:   The socket buffer size for agent-initiated
                 communication is now configurable and the default value
                 has been increased to 32 KB.
                 To change the value, use this command: 

                 dsm_c -action changesetting -name settings.configuration.heartbeatSocketBufferSize -value VALUE

                 where VALUE is the buffer size, in bytes. For
                 example, to set the buffer to 2 KB, set the VALUE to
   Issue 2:      [DSSEG-2667/SF00646921/SEG-26000]
                 Microsoft Internet Expolorer consumed a large amount of
                 CPU time when accessing the Deep Security Manager
   Solution 2:   This issue is fixed in this release.