Websense at Pacsec 2011 and AVAR 2011 - Security Labs(情報元のブックマーク数)


Last week, some members from the Websense Security Labs"! had a busy week because they attended the Pacsec 2011 and AVAR 2011 conferences.
The Pacsec 2011 conference was held in Tokyo, and addresses the increasing importance of information security in Japan. Many well-known figures in the international security industry got together with leading Japanese researchers to share best practices and technology.
The AVAR 2011 conference was held in Hong Kong, and has a reputation in the Asia Pacific IT industry as being the leading industry conference on anti malware technologies and threats. This conference is not relevant only for virus researchers, but also for corporate IT professionals who have a business and technical need to secure their system, and for those who wish to have a safe and secure computing environment and be protected against Internet threats.

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