IBM WebSphere Application Server Multiple Vulnerabilities - Advisories - Secunia

IBM WebSphare Application Serverで複数の脆弱性が存在してローカルユーザがセンシティブ情報を見れたりするそうです。

Some vulnerabilities and security issues have been reported in IBM WebSphere Application Server, some of which have unknown impacts while others can potentially be exploited by malicious, local users to gain knowledge of sensitive information.
1) An unspecified error exists in wsadmin within the Administrative Scripting Tools component. No further information is currently available.
2) An unspecified error exists within the PropFilePasswordEncoder utility. No further information is currently available.
3) The problem is that certain sensitive information are stored in clear text within the http_plugin.log file (Plug-in component) and startserver.log (System Management/Repository component).