SAP GUI SAPLPD Multiple Vulnerabilities - Advisories - Secunia

SAP LPDのLPDコマンドにバッファオーバフローを起こす脆弱性が存在するそうです。

うーん、これならSAP GUIのSAP LPDを落とせそうですねぇw

1) Multiple boundary errors exist in the SAPLPD server when processing LPD commands. This can be exploited to cause buffer overflows via overly long arguments passed to the LPD commands having the following codes: 0x01, 0x02, 0x03, 0x04, 0x05, 0x31, 0x32, 0x33, 0x34, and 0x35.
Successful exploitation may allow execution of arbitrary code.
2) An error in SAPLPD when processing the 0x53 LPD command code can be exploited to terminate an affected server.
The vulnerabilities are confirmed in SAPLPD version included in SAP GUI version 7.10. Other versions may also be affected.