Kodak Image Viewer TIF/TIFF Code Execution Exploit PoC (MS07-055)


/* MS07-055 Kodak Image Viewer TIF/TIFF Code Execution Proof Of Concept 
   by Hong Gil-Dong, Jeon Woo-chi 

 * Hwang-Hee(?~1542), Prime Minister in Korea
 * Once upon a time, One servant of Hwang-Hee was arguing with another
 * servant. they asked Hwang-Hee to judge who is right.
 * Hwang-Hee listend their story, and said "Both are right".

 * We tested this code on Windows 2000 SP4 Korean Edition.
 * But if you change some parts of this code, you can also execute an 
 * arbitrary code in other systems.
 * - Caution -
 * First, execute the Kodak Image Viewer and then open the ms07-005.tif 
 * file. If you click the ms07-005.tif file directly in explorer, 
 * sometimes it causes not excution but just crash.